The consortium of project 4DGreenland is constituted by an experienced team of leading scientists in a variety of fields collaborating towards an integrated assessment of Greenland’s hydrological system.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is prime contractor

Louise Sandberg Sørensen is Scientific leader of the project

Key personel: Louise Sandberg Sørensen, Sebastian B. Simonsen and Mai Winstrup

Assistant Personel: Rasmus L. Arildsen


Key personel: Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson, Anne Munck Solgaard and Sofia Riberio

Lancaster University (LU)

Key personel: Malcolm McMillan, Amber Leeson and Ce Zhang

Environmental Earth Observation IT GmbH (ENVEO)

Key personel: Thomas Nagler, Jan Wuite, Markus Hetzenecker and Lars Keuris

Finish Meterological Institute (FMI)

Key personel: Juha Lemmetyinen, Kimmo Rautiainen and Anna Kontu

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Key personel: Birgit Wessel and Achim Roth


Key personel: Noel Gourmelen and Alex Horton

Sciences [&] Technology Corporation (S&T)

Daniele Fantin is Project Manager 

Key personel: Daniele Fantin and Martijn Vermeer

Shepherd SPACE lth

Key personel: Andrew Shepherd